Rowan’s Baby Photos — 2019

This shoot felt especially sweet after taking maternity photos with the same folks.

Jen’s Maternity Shoot — 2019

I am filled with appreciation for the opportunity to spend these intimate moment with folks.

Crescent’s Newborn — 2019

This photoshoot was especially wonderful for me as it was the newborn of a lifelong friend. What a precious way to meet the new addition to her family.

Staff Photos & Product Photography — 2018/2019

Working at Kickapoo Coffee is another love of mine and I was happy to find a way to combine both passions.

Them Dirty Bones — 2018 (Film)

These band photos were delightful to take, despite the cold.

Double Grave — 2015/2016 (Film)

It was great to experiment with some super expired film to create these dreamy pictures for Double Grave. I was lucky enough to also get to provide album art for them the year after.

Candid Portraits (Film)

Friends and family captured over the years.